M1 Max Ram Problem During Render In Final Cut Pro? (Try This!)

Someone asks:

I am writing again with the same problem.

When rendering files from the Sony a7s III in 4K 50 frames h264 or h265 the frame consumption all the time increases reaching over 60 gb or more.

Very often with longer projects (over 10 minutes) he receives information about the lack of memory.

Shorter projects manage to render but the consumption is still very high.

The attachment is the Etre file which I have just scanned while rendering one of the files.

The system was put up fresh as suggested earlier in November and unfortunately that didn’t help.

Any ideas or is it just a problem with the latest macs?


M1 Max Ram Problem During Render: The Solution(s)

Solution #1

The most obvious thing is that you have Chrome-a known enemy of video and professional applications.

You should uninstall Chrome and its abusive “keystone” daemons and agents-see https://chromeisbad.com for why and how.

After uninstalling you will need to delete and redownload FCP.

Secondly you have several third-party plugins including ColorFinale.

Make sure that all of them are compatible with the current version of FCP.

I think that CF in particular hasn’t been updated recently and may not work.

Solution #2

completely remove Chrome and the keystone daemons (just trashing the app is not enough) and then reinstall FCP.

Do you also have a dock connected? If so you might try removing and testing.

Is the LoupeDeck compatible with M1?

Also not directly related to FCP but I see you have QNAP software so you are probably using a QNAP NAS with your media.

They are great.

Please make sure you have updated the firmware to the latest version because there is new ransomware called deadbolt that has attacked much QNAPs beginning last Tuesday.

Be extremely careful if you have it exposed to the internet.

The deadbolt ransomware will encrypt all your files and the hackers want .03 BTC for a decryption key.

If these didn’t help follow the discussion here and you might find a better solution.

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