Battery Draining Too Fast on M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro

Is your battery draining too fast on the newest M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro? Let’s look at a few reasons why this could be the case for you and how to fix this problem.

Method #1 to Fix Fast Draining Battery on M1 Pro/M1 Max MacBooks

One reason for this I can think of is that you’re using an external monitor with your M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro.

Why do I think this is the reason?

Because I have the M1 MacBook Air (2020) and I also have it connected to a 1080p 24″ external monitor from HP.

Whenever I unplug my MBA its battery starts draining very quickly and even when I close the laptop at night it keeps on draining the battery as the external monitor seems to be taking some power from MBA’s USB port as well in addition to the power it’s drawing from the board with its own power cable.

To fix this issue simply upgrade to a 16″ MacBook Pro so that you don’t need to use an external monitor.

Or if you still want to use the monitor maybe try plugging in your MacBook all the time so it doesn’t drain the battery and causes the battery charge cycles to rise unnaturally which probably will impact the battery longevity in the long run.

Method #2 to Fix Fast Battery Discharges on M1 Pro/M1 Max MacBooks

You may have this feature turned off that says Put hard disks to sleep when possible.

Because if you have it turned off those SSDs are also going to consume power when you’re on battery life and your computer is not in use.

Check this box to save some more battery life on your MacBook Pro 14 or 16.

Method #3 to Fix Battery Drain Issues on M1 Pro/M1 Max MacBooks

You may have this Turn display off after option set to Never on battery which is a HUGE battery sucking feature if you set it to Never and don’t let the display go to sleep.

Set it to 3 minutes or something so you can increase your battery life some more.

Method #4 to Fix Battery Discharge Problems on M1 Pro/M1 Max MacBooks

Check if you have any heavy background running apps open at the moment that you may not be aware of.

Because such apps are the main battery-draining culprit for most people who get a new MacBook and experience fast battery discharges.