MacBook Pro Overheating? (Here’s The Solution!)

One of the common problems that people have with their MacBook Pro laptop is that it overheats due to dust accumulation.

In this article we will explain how to fix the problem and what could possibly be causing your Mac’s cooling system failure.

To start off let us understand a bit about the process of making these Apple laptops so cool.


Apple uses a very smart thermal design for its MacBook Pro laptop series so as not to overheat during the top usage hours.

The air vents are located at the side where you normally hold your device while typing or carrying it around.

This makes sure that all hot air from inside is pushed out easily without compromising on the functionality (or the style) of your device.

The fan used for cooling emits a relatively low noise since it was designed keeping travel in mind.

The overheating problems are more common amongst the older models of the MacBook rather than the newest ones.

However if you do experience this issue with your laptop then there is no need to worry as it can be fixed easily.


How To Fix Your MacBook Pro Overheating

Now that we know the reason for our device over-heating and how Apple has made its design to avoid such breakdowns; let us see what steps you should take to make your Mac work like brand new again.

We will start with how to make sure your cooling fan continues working properly so as not to lead you into believing that both belong to the same category of issues.

After you have removed all the dust from your device make sure that the vents are clean as well.

This is because most of the time dust usually accumulates on both sides simultaneously leading to overheating.


If you have tried cleaning your MacBook Pro’s cooling system and it still tends to stop working after a few minutes then there might be another problem with it.

You will need to replace your fan immediately in this case so as to avoid further damage being done to your laptop.

Will My MacBook Pro Start To Overheat Again?

Most of the time overheating problems occur after long periods of usage.

This is because more dust tends to gather around the vents and also on the fan blades making them slow down or stop working altogether.

However if your device starts to overheat even though it has not been used for longer hours then you will need to take your MacBook Pro to an authorized service center so they can check out what is wrong with it.

Overall laptops are meant to be carried around and used for several hours at a stretch which makes it all the more essential that their cooling system is in perfect condition.

How Can I Permanently Fix The MacBook Pro Overheating Problem?

This is a common question that many people often ask their technicians to find out ways in which they can make the problem go away once and for all.

Since this is a hardware issue there isn’t much you can do here except avoid using your laptop in dusty environments.

This means that even if you keep your MacBook Pro at home it is best to place it on a table or something else so as not to let the floor gather dust around your laptop.


Other than this there isn’t much you can do to avoid overheating issues since these are common problems with all laptops and computers in general.

The only difference between the Apple product and the rest is that they are priced higher due to their superior quality which leads to more people being dissatisfied with them.

Also in case you have been facing this problem in your MacBook Pro since its release then you will need to take further action in order to fix it.

In such cases going for an authorized service center or taking it back where you got it from will be your best bet at initiating a replacement.

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