Why Won’t My Laptop Turn On Even When Plugged In?

A laptop that won’t turn on could be due to a number of problems.

Let’s explore the possible reasons and solutions to help you get your laptop up and running.

If your laptop does not turn on when plugged in and you hear the charging light (indicator) blinking this indicates that the power supply is working but there may be another reason why your computer isn’t turning on.

This is likely an issue with the system board or possibly even one of several other internal components such as CMOS battery hard drive RAM or DVD.

If you plug in the AC adaptor (power adapter) does it feel warm? If so there could still be a problem with the electrical jack on the side of your laptop.

First try using a different wall outlet and the power cord to see if that changes anything.

If it doesn’t work when plugged into another location or you haven’t tried another power adapter yet then there could be an issue with the electrical circuitry in your system board.

If your laptop does not turn on when plugged in and you hear the charging light (indicator) blinking slowly (the battery has around 25% life left) this indicates that there might be damage to both the AC adaptor and the battery itself.

It is likely that either one of these components needs to be replaced.

If you are positive it’s not any of the above reasons why your laptop won’t start up this usually means you have a hardware issue with either the system board hard drive DVD drive or RAM.

This can be caused by physical damage to the devices or even an electrical shortage that may have occurred over time.

There are many possible causes for these types of issues so you need to pinpoint exactly what is wrong through testing and remove any unnecessary parts to test each one individually.