How To Stop Someone From Stealing My Laptop?

I’m not an expert but I can tell you what works for me.

The first thing that I do is plug in the “laptop alarm”.

It’s just a device that makes it impossible to open your laptop without disabling it.

They’re cheap and pretty much everyone sells them now so just search Google for “laptop alarm” or something similar.

Then I make sure to lock my computer whenever I step away from it – even if I’m going to be gone for only 30 seconds – because anyone who walks through this area often enough will know how long your average break lasts and will try to steal your stuff during that time.

So lock your door even if you are home too.

Make sure they are really locked because if someone is able to unlock your door they can enter it and turn off the alarm.

Also buy a computer lock if you plan on taking your laptop around with you all the time.

Make sure you get one that has a solid steel cable though – no cheap plastic crap that will snap in a second when a thief tries to cut through it.

Finally as a fun one you can always put a decoy laptop in your bag along with your real laptop but make sure it’s less expensive-looking than the real one.

Basically what this does is deters most casual thieves since most of them are only trying to steal the valuable-looking ones and aren’t interested in anything else.


I’ve never had anyone try to take mine so far but I’ve heard stories of this working.

Also you can just do the first two things I mentioned and be fine too.

You really don’t need anything else if you live somewhere where your laptop isn’t very likely to get stolen at all.

The more precautions you use though the more likely you are to deter potential thieves.

If nothing else works for you then maybe it’s time to move to a better neighborhood or stay home from school/work/whatever instead of going out there with your nice clothes on looking like a target every day.

In that case I think it’s probably best for everyone involved if they leave without your stuff – even though they will probably still take it anyway.

There is also a big chance that they will abuse you and embarrass you in public or even hurt you if you try to stop them.

Sometimes people end up dead when this happens for no good reason so really it’s your best bet just to let them take your stuff.

They can always go back tomorrow and buy a new one if they need it…

Additionally I’d say the best way to deter anyone from stealing anything from you is to avoid being targeted at all.

You can do this by not wearing any expensive-looking clothes or accessories – nothing valuable looking for others to see anyway.

If something does get stolen from you later on then don’t bother going after the thief unless it was a family member or close friend of yours.

People might think that you are trying to hide something from them if you go after a stranger for stealing your stuff.

In conclusion how to stop someone from stealing my laptop is as easy as buying several different “anti-theft” devices and always locking your door when you step away from your computer.

If that doesn’t work then the only real solution is to buy a decoy laptop or change where you live – those are really the only two things I can think of…

And avoid wearing expensive clothes/jewelry so that nobody targets you in the first place.

If nothing works for you maybe it’s time to move somewhere else or just accept that it will happen again!

You may not always have this problem but sometimes people just don’t know when to stop.

Thanks for reading and good luck!