Razer Blade 14 Making Clicking Noise? (Here’s Why!)

Wondering why your Razer Blade 14 is making a clicking noise?

The culprit behind the clicking noise is usually one of two things; either there’s dust on your fans, or your fan blades are loose.

If you have plenty of space around the bottom of your laptop for airflow, but still notice a clicking noise, it may be that some dust has collected on or around your fans.

Dust doesn’t directly cause the problem, but it does interfere with the fans’ ability to spin freely.

Over time, this can cause some problems with your cooling system.

If you feel comfortable opening up your laptop and cleaning out that dust (check out our article on laptop disassembly for help), that will likely solve your issue.

A fan blade that is loose will also make a clicking noise.

This is a more serious problem and should be taken to a professional for service.

If you aren’t comfortable disassembling your laptop yourself, it’s best to consult with an experienced technician.

In any case, always remember that the safety of your device is your responsibility – if you’re not comfortable working inside your laptop, do not attempt to open it.

How to fix this clicking noise on Razer Blade 14?

In order to fix this problem, you’ll need to open up your laptop and get rid of the dust that’s causing the issue.

To do this, follow our guide on opening a Razer Blade 14 laptop.

Once you’ve disassembled your laptop, you should clean out all of the fan blades and surrounding areas with a can of compressed air.

If the fans continue to make noise, however, they may need to be replaced altogether.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure – it’s easy for delicate parts of your laptop to get damaged when taking it apart.

If you feel uncomfortable with the process, consult a professional for assistance.

Can I make the clicking noise worse if I don’t do it correctly?

If you aren’t careful when opening up your laptop, it’s possible that you could break something.

We always recommend taking the proper precautions and backing up your data before attempting any sort of repair.