Photo Screen Savers Not Working in macOS Monterey

There are plenty of weird bugs with the release of macOS Monterey.

One I had and have now successfully fixed was this one while trying to upgrade to macOS Monterey.

Now this photo screen savers option not working in Monterey.

Let’s look at a few possible reasons and if we can fix it or not.

Screen Saver Not Working in macOS Monterey

Someone asked on a forum this question:

When selecting the Photos library or a folder of photos they do not render. Have tried various options (e.g. Classic Ken Burns etc.). No luck.

Asked on Apple Forum

And here’s an answer that people found to be helpful:

FWIW the Photo screen savers don’t seem to be working. I don’t know if they are broken or no longer supported in Monterey.


Here’s another one that gives you a bit more clue into the problem:

What is weird is that the screen saver works on my MacBook with photos but not my iMac with photos.


One more:

I wanted to edit this to add to it but can’t do that so here we go. I did notice on the iMac that if I pick any other screen saver Monterey Hello etc. they work it is just with photos that they do not work.


So What’s the Solution?

Most likely Apple will fix the problem in their macOS update before people figure out the solution.

So far It seems nobody has figured out the solution to this yet but as soon as someone does I’ll make sure to update it here linking back to it.

However you can follow the thread yourself in case I forget to update this post.


I’d suggest that you wait and do not upgrade to macOS Monterey for now to avoid all these early-adopter issues. If I figure out how I can revert back to macOS Big Sur I’d probably do it myself.