SD Card Not Appearing on MacBook Pro 14? (Solved!)

Are you trying to connect your SD card to your MacBook Pro 14 (2022) and unable to see it appear on your desktop?

Let’s take a look at how to fix this.

SD Card Not Appearing on MacBook Pro 14

Before we begin here’s the question someone posted which we’re here to answer.

When I insert my SD card into the new 14 inches MacBook Pro it does not appear on the desktop.

It only appears under “computer” in the finder menu.

All other external drives appear on the desktop as expected.

MB Pro 14 User Asks

The Solution

Go to Finder > Preferences > General on your MacBook Pro 14 and check the External disks box.

Since SD cards are external drives you need to make sure that your External disks are enabled to show on your Desktop.

However if you already have it turned on and it’s still not showing maybe try installing macOS Big Sur instead of Monterey for a while until all the bugs get fixed.