How To Turn On A Laptop Without Power Button?

When your laptop’s power button becomes unresponsive or broken this forces you to turn on and off the laptop using other methods such as pushing the laptop into sleep mode and then waking it up.

You can also use a Windows operating system shortcut that triggers your computer to wake from sleep mode automatically when you press a specific key combination.

If none of these options works for you try using an external power source such as a battery pack or a universal charger adapter.

When all else fails there is one final way to turn on your laptop without having access to its power button: by removing its BIOS battery.

This will trigger the motherboard to send a signal to the computer’s boot device every time it powers up while replacing the motherboard’s lithium-ion battery.

Note: Removing the motherboard’s BIOS battery will clear your laptop’s BIOS settings which means you will need to reset them after replacing the battery.

You can use an external device such as a USB flash drive or an optical disc to back up important files on your computer before replacing the BIOS battery.

How to boot up laptop when power button not working?

  1. Remove all the USB devices connected to your laptop.
  2. Press “Fn” + any one of the F1 F2 F12 keys repeatedly until you see anything appear on the screen.
  3. If it does not work then replace Bios Battery (which is under laptop) with new one.
  4. Then turn off laptop and insert bootable CD or USB drive to boot up laptop.
  5. It will take you to BIOS configuration screen where u can reset time and date of bios.
  6. Then save the settings and turn off laptop again.
  7. Turn on laptop by pressing power button normally now it wont ask for password or anything just open your desktop as usual.