Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor?

No with most laptops you can’t.

There are laptops such as Acer Predator 21x which costs thousands and thousands of dollars but you don’t want that! 😬 I don’t want that!

It depends on what type of processor family and chipset your laptop motherboard supports.

If it’s a 4th gen CPU you can go ahead and upgrade it to the 4th gen i5 or i7 with similar socket support.

But as mentioned earlier most laptops don’t support processor upgrades.

Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor from i5 to i7?

Again if your laptop supports it yes you can otherwise you can not.

And guess what? Most laptops do not support processor upgrades unfortunately.

You’ll have to find a new laptop that has the i7 processor you’re looking for.

Browse through our blog you’ll find tons of laptops that are pretty powerful for their price.

Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor from AMD to Intel?

That’s even harder!

Finding a laptop that supports a CPU upgrade is hard and finding one that would allow you to switch from an AMD processor to an Intel one that’s even harder!

Instead go and check out these AMD CPU based laptops there are some great options to choose from.

Don’t make things hard on yourself just spend a little money and save yourself from all the headache.

Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM and Processor?

Yes you can upgrade your laptop RAM.

No you can’t upgrade your laptop processor as has been said before.

Even still most modern windows based laptops support the option of upgradeable memory (RAM) unlike Apple laptops.

  • Go to Crucial’s website.
  • Select the manufacturer of your laptop.
  • Choose the product family.
  • Select your laptop model.
  • Hit the “Find Upgrade” button.

Is It Worth Upgrading i5 to i7?

Of course it is worth it!

I had been using an i5 5th gen processor laptop for a while wasn’t very pleased with my experience with that laptop.

I then decided to upgrade it to the 7th gen i7 laptop and the performance jump was unbelievable!

I’ve been using that same laptop for almost 3 years now and still almost happy with the performance.

Although I am now feeling the need to upgrade it once more and get the most-latest AMD CPU based laptop.

I may do it in 2022 who knows.


How Much Faster is i7 Than i5?

When I upgraded mine from 5th gen i5 to the 7th gen i7 I felt like the performance had more than tripled!

But if you want to see the performance difference in actual factual statistics and benchmarks check it out here.


Hopefully this article has been of some help!

To summarize it all no you can’t upgrade laptop processors unless the laptop clearly states that you can on its specs sheet or on the box somewhere.

Trust me you’ll know when your laptop supports CPU upgrade as the manufacturer would love to advertise that feature all over the laptop’s branding and marketing campaign.

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