Is It Bad to Use Your Laptop for Long Periods? (Explained!)

No, there’s nothing bad about using your laptop for long periods. However, do keep in mind that if you’re playing games or doing some heavy multitasking, it’d be best if you let it breathe every few minutes or so by temporarily closing the most resource-heavy applications.

Does It Harm Laptop’s Battery?

If you keep your laptop plugged in all the time, while you’re also doing some heavy multitasking or running resource-heavy applications, yes, it’ll harm your laptop battery’s lifespan.

Read this post if you want to keep your laptop battery healthy for longer.

For now, I’d say that you charge your laptop to about 80-90% and then turn off charging. This way, you can keep using your laptop for however long you like, it won’t get as hot as it would’ve if you kept it plugged in throughout.

Also, charging it like this will produce less heat which means a longer laptop lifespan and longer battery lifespan.

Sadly, gaming laptops do not run for long on battery power. You have to keep them plugged in to do anything that requires heavy CPU or GPU performance. Otherwise, it will probably shut down in the middle of what you were doing, ruining your work.

Would My Laptop Die Sooner Like That?

It is possible that you’ll shorten the lifespan of your laptop using it this way, for long periods. However, if you’re using your laptop for long periods but are not stressing it out the whole way, it won’t have much of an impact on your laptop’s lifespan.

Also, make sure you’re cleaning your laptop regularly so the dust build-up doesn’t prevent the airflow, which will produce more heat and shorten your laptop’s and its battery’s lifespan.

Furthermore, using a good basic laptop cooling pad will also help to keep your laptop going for years.

Charging Habit for Using a Laptop for Long Periods

It’s best to get into good laptop charging habits, as they’ll maintain your laptop battery’s health and increase its lifespan.

  1. Get a Laptop Cooling Pad
  2. Charge till 80% and drain till 30%
  3. Enable optimized battery charging mode on your laptop

You can read the logic behind these tips here if you don’t already know.


You can use your laptop for however long you like. However, do not let it overheat. Keep it unplugged the entire time you’re using it, only charge when you’re not doing any CPU-heavy task on your laptop.