Which Brand of Laptop Is Most Reliable?

I personally don’t look at what brand is the most reliable because almost all Windows laptops are the same when it comes to reliability.

Since they can’t compete with the reliability of an Apple laptop which I’ve even heard people say that they’ve had a MacBook for over a decade.

This would be super rare for a Windows laptop to last 10 years or more.

These Apple laptops are so expensive because they can last for decades without having to repair them.

When Windows laptops do get repaired it will be relatively cheap compared to Apple’s high price tag of repairs.

Windows laptops start at around 300 and you can buy them at stores like Walmart or BestBuy.

I don’t think there are any other retail stores that sell Windows laptops besides those two.

Apple’s Macbook Pro starts at around $1200 and they can go up to as high as you have the budget for.

These computers are so expensive because of how powerful they are and the efficiency of their hardware.

They will last a long time but they may not be cost-effective due to how costly repairs would be which is a downside to Apple’s products.

So if you have $1000 lying around and are looking for a great entry-level laptop that will last for at least half a decade a MacBook Air with its latest M1 processor is the way to go.

Which laptop brand is best for long term use?

Again it’s probably the Apple brand.

I’m not an Apple sheep heck I hate my MacBook Pro 16″ M1 Pro I bought a few days ago as I can’t even play games on it.

But the best thing about these laptops is that they last for years to come and are super reliable and energy-efficient.

They perform the same on the battery as they do when plugged in unlike most Windows laptops.

With all these perks I don’t think any Windows laptops come even close in reliability.

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