Why Do I Lose Internet Connection When I Close My Laptop?

You may have your laptop set to go to sleep when your lid is closed so you need to change that setting to “do nothing” when the lid is closed.

This will fix the issue of your internet connection cutting off when the laptop is closed.

There are several other potential reasons why you might lose your internet connection when you close your laptop.

One possibility is that your computer is not getting a strong enough signal from your wireless router.

Another possibility is that some of your programs are still running in the background and are using up too much bandwidth.

Finally it’s also possible that there is something wrong with your network adapter or with the way that your computer is connecting to the network.

How do I stop my internet from disconnecting when my computer sleeps?

To stop your computer from sleeping when the lid is closed you need to change the settings in the power management section of your computer’s control panel.

On a PC this can be done by clicking on “Power Options” in the control panel and then selecting the “Choose what closing the lid does” option.

On a Mac this can be done by going to System Preferences > Energy Saver and then checking the box next to “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the lid is closed.”

If you’re using a laptop with Windows 10 you can also try enabling the “Connected Standby” feature.

This can be done by opening up the Settings app and going to System > Power & Sleep.

Under “Related Settings” you should see the “Connected Standby” option.

If this option is turned off turn it on and then make sure that the “Allow this device to wake my computer” option is checked.

These are all just potential solutions however.

If you’re still having trouble with your internet connection after trying these things it’s best to consult with your network administrator or IT department.

They will be able to help you find and fix the problem.

Does closing laptop lid affect WiFi?

Yes if you have your laptop set to go to sleep when the lid is closed it will cut off the WiFi connection to save battery.

You can change this setting to “do nothing” when the lid is closed which will keep the WiFi connection active.